HOME campaign comes to Prahran

From the Socialist Party’s Hands Off Melbourne’s Estates (HOME) campaign news:

Prahran Estate

After beating back the governments plans to build private apartments on our open space at Fitzroy and Richmond the campaign has now turned its attention to Prahran where the government has said that that are still going ahead. HOME activists have done some street stalls in Prahran and put up some posters around the estate in the past couple of weeks. So far we have made a few contacts with residents there but we need to get in touch with more. We want to call a meeting in Prahran but we need help with jobs like letterboxing the towers. If you or someone you know lives on the estate, and can help please, let us know or come to our meeting this week.

Committee meeting this Thursday

We will be discussing how to further our work at Prahran as well as elsewhere at the HOME campaign committee meeting this Thursday May 2 at 6pm in the community rooms under 140 Brunswick St in Fitzroy. Anyone who wants to help with our work is invited to attend. If you have any queries feel to email back here or call 96399111.


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