Gentrified Sheung Wan

From My Little Record – Countdown Sheng Wan.

leaving sheung wan very soon. the only reason is my landload want to sell the flat. how common for hong kong people living here and there. the only push factor is land price. my story is just typical. sheung wan have been gentrificed speedy with the extention lines of MTR and promoting creative industries by government . gallaries, art space, servies apartments, decent and western restrauants  are getting more and more since 2008. the original community is going to disappear soon. my humble wish is to frozen my feelings, memories and moments in the rest of my days in sheung wan which i have been living for 4 years. today is 12 feb 2010.

快要離開上環。沒有特別的原因,跟其他沒樓沒錢的港人一樣,隨地價的急升,租客只能離開,東飄西盪。我從住了五年的中不環搬過來,經過了差不到四 年,很快又要搬走,都是典型的香港故事。上環士紳化的過程,愈來愈明顯,藝術空間、藝廊、服務式住宅及西式餐館愈來愈多。這除了多謝港鐡上環支線正式動工 外,也因為所謂創意產業、文化旅遊、文化導賞的興起。我無力抵抗經濟的力量,只希望用自己的方法,留下對上環的主觀感覺、生活味道。很個人,也很社會的。


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